Denim Day 2024

🌟 Exciting Announcement! 🌟 I’m thrilled to share a quilt sewn by myself from denim pieces decorated by SEMO staff, students, and, alumni for Denim Day 2024! Join me at Catapult Creative House on April 24th from 5:30 to 7:00 pm for a special event! Denim Day is a powerful movement that raises awareness about […]

Metanoia: My big book I made for my last challenging semester of college. 

Metanoia is a term derived from Greek, where “meta” means “beyond” or “after,” and “noia” refers to “mind” or “thought.” Metanoia refers to a transformative change in one’s way of thinking, often described as a profound shift or conversion of the mind. It goes beyond a simple change of opinion and implies a fundamental change […]

“Money Pit” A collage tapestry

“Money Pit” is a collage tapestry approximately 36’ x 54’ and is made from found fabric, thread, chain, embroidery thread, and a screenprinted patch of my ford escape with some added extra damages that have occurred while owning it!  I have been making more of these collage tapestries this fall/winter because I made one back […]

Unveiling the Story: Awesome & Free Interview with the Arrow Newspaper

Senior art major Rebecca Byington works on making her third pair of earrings.

I have a story for you to read! For those who may not know me too well, I have worked at the Crisp Museum on Southeast Missouri State University’s River Campus since august of 2021. I have loved working there and have had many different jobs in my time there but always doing something enjoyable. […]

Discover Stop Motion Animation: Everything you need to know!

Stop Motion Animation, Everything you Need to know and my experince! My last semester of my bachelors degree I had to take a photo and new media class. This class involved using a DSLR camera and many different programs. The first three projects were photo and photo editing based on using photoshop (you can see […]

Abbey Grey’s Exhibition “Rooted”:Exploring Creativity (2023)

Rooted: a solo exhibition about personal growth.  Abbey Grey is a STL based sophomore BFA student at Southeast Missouri State University. Her main inspirations while creating are nature, childhood, nostalgia, intense colors, and music. Outside of creating art, she enjoys playing the guitar and piano, exploring new places, practicing mindfulness and learning from others. To […]

Discovering New Art Gems: Washington University Tour

Exploring the Arts: Touring Washington University When it comes to Washington University in St. Louis, you might think of its prestigious academics or its beautiful campus. However, there’s more to this renowned institution than meets the eye.  Founded in 1978, Island Press stands as a gem within the university, a research-based printmaking workshop committed to […]