“Money Pit” is a collage tapestry approximately 36’ x 54’ and is made from found fabric, thread, chain, embroidery thread, and a screenprinted patch of my ford escape with some added extra damages that have occurred while owning it! 

Progress picture of me working on “Money Pit”

I have been making more of these collage tapestries this fall/winter because I made one back in spring that went very well and I fell in love with the style. 

my first collage tapestry "Release"
My first collage tapestry “Release”

One of my biggest inspirations for making these collage tapestries is Billie Zangewa. I did an artist research project with her and learned so much about her and she became one of my big inspirations. 

One of Billie Zangewa’s Jaw Droping Piece’s

I am also very fortunate to have Hannah March Sanders as an advisor at southeast missouri state university and she is a big inspiration to me not only in my fibers work but in every other aspect of my work!

Hannah March Sanders: Quiltbait V: You’ll Be Shocked to See What This Quilt Looks Like in Real Life

The way that Hannah and Blake Sanders make their fibers pieces really did inspire me a lot in my process. They almost always incorporate screenprinting on fabric into their larger fibers pieces. So, with this piece I wanted to incorporate lots of elements to get the right textures and elements that I felt like it needed.

“Money Pit”

I’m absolutely thrilled with the final result of this piece! There’s definife joy that comes from translating the initial sketches for my fiber art into a tangible creation. Interestingly, the end product often takes on a slightly different aesthetic than the original sketches. I believe this difirence is rooted in the challenge of capturing the raw, organic quality of fabric and other tangible materials. It’s fascinating to observe how the textures and nuances come to life during the actual crafting process.

The original drawing for this collage tapestry