Stop Motion Animation, Everything you Need to know and my experince!

My last semester of my bachelors degree I had to take a photo and new media class. This class involved using a DSLR camera and many different programs. The first three projects were photo and photo editing based on using photoshop (you can see some of the photos from those projects on my portfolio page). The fourth project which I just completed was a 60 second stop motion animation! Me and my friend Sara Roper worked on this project together. She primarily did the adjusting of the props and I primarily did the shooting of the photos once Sara had everything in place for the shot to be taken. It was a really good model of teamwork and was enjoyable. You do not have to have a friend or group to do stop motion however it does make it a little faster!

still from the stop motion animation

We came up with the idea to use a rubber ducky as our little trouble maker in our stop motion. We also used two bears, one black and one white, as other characters in our stop motion. The bears come alive after the ducky needs help cleaning up the mess from his bathtub. They both swirl around to help clean the ducky’s mess and then eventually wind up wrapping up unto their new form of little bears. The red bowties keep them alive and so it’s very important to them to keep them on. We developed the story as we went as the project was more focused on technical skills and learning how to do stop motion animation (which I will cover more later 😀 ) We had access to multiple little props that were about the right size for what we needed and so we used them to our advantage and tried to make a cohesive story with what we had available to us! ( I think it worked very well, I’m happy with the results)

Still from the stop motion animation

In order to make our stop motion come to life we used Adobe Premier Pro. We imported all of the images into the program and set the speed to what we needed to get the project to look right and last a minute as was required for the assignment. (you can play with the speed and adjust it to your liking) We didn’t do much other editing than making sure all of our images were in the right order and adjusting the speed.
As a important tip I recumbent you take your images in order and try to be very organized when doing a stop motion animation because if you aren’t organized things can get confused and it makes the process much harder.

I posted the stop motion to both my youtube channel and instagram page. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me in the comments or on my instagram or any of my other socials! ☺️

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