Rooted: a solo exhibition about personal growth. 

Abbey Grey is a STL based sophomore BFA student at Southeast Missouri State University. Her main inspirations while creating are nature, childhood, nostalgia, intense colors, and music. Outside of creating art, she enjoys playing the guitar and piano, exploring new places, practicing mindfulness and learning from others. To simply create for the act of creation is a huge part of her artistic philosophy.

Abbey standing next to a mural she painted in the spring of 2023 (part of the same collaboration between poets and visual artists that I wrote a previous blog post about!)

The work featured in “Rooted” is deeply intertwined with a journey of personal growth and change. It explores the themes of finding one’s place in nature, experiencing happiness in change, and embracing one’s inner child and past experiences.  

Please go see all of Abbey’s Amazing work linked below!

Abbey’s Website and Portfolio: Home | My Site ( 

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One of my favorite pieces featured in the “Rooted” exhibit

I had the pleasure of going to see Abbey Grey’s exhibit “Rooted” at the SEMO Nest Gallery.

Abbey describes her work as “…pieces based around life, death, finding my place in nature, and reconnecting with my inner child.” I find this to be a very beautiful and accurate description of “Rooted” and how it made me feel.

I also now own a ceramics piece made by Abbey. I love it so much!

The adorable ceramics piece I bought from Abbey

Abbey uses a mix of traditional and digital mediums as well as collage and mixed media.

“Rooted” has a very cohesive feel to all of the pieces included in the exhibit. Abbey has a great sense of connection within all of the pieces that were included in her solo show. It was a true joy to see all of her pieces working so well with each other in the semo nest gallery.

A screenshot of Abbey’s poster for her solo show “Rooted”

Amazing work Abbey! Keep going and you will keep doing such great things in life, I’m sure!

As always keep an eye out for new works on my Portfolio page!