Discovering New Art Gems: Washington University Tour

Exploring the Arts: Touring Washington University When it comes to Washington University in St. Louis, you might think of its prestigious academics or its beautiful campus. However, there’s more to this renowned institution than meets the eye.  Founded in 1978, Island Press stands as a gem within the university, a research-based printmaking workshop committed to […]

Poetry Meets Painting: Unleashing the Power of Creative Collaboration

In the Spring of 2023, I was told about an opportunity to be a part of a collaboration between poets and Artists. The mural I painted was inspired by Joy who wrote this poem: “Fraction of the Universe with The Whole of Existence.” It reads like this. “I may be the tiniest root In the […]

“Galactic Excitement: The Latest News on a Star Wars Print Exchange”

The printing of the first layer for a print exchange that i’m in that’s being curated by gregory santos (  38 talented printmaking artists will be taking part in a portfolio exchange and creating original art based on characters & creatures & droids of the Star Wars universe. Strictly for the love of Star Wars! […]

Exploring the Depths of Emotion: The “RAGE” Art Exhibit

“Rage” group show featuring Rebecca Byington, Em Linton-Zinn, Zak Mayfield, Emma Reinsmith, Flynn Tucker, Forrest Wallace, Rae Perry, and Kaiola Sooman. Art has a unique ability to evoke emotions, and one of the most powerful and primal emotions is rage. The “RAGE” art exhibit features a showcase of artists’ interpretations of this intense and often […]