The printing of the first layer for a print exchange that i’m in that’s being curated by gregory santos (

A picture of me printing the Yellow layer of my print for the exchange

38 talented printmaking artists will be taking part in a portfolio exchange and creating original art based on characters & creatures & droids of the Star Wars universe. Strictly for the love of Star Wars!

Artists were paired with a character by spins of a random selection wheel. I spun the wheel and got Lobot, who initially served the Galactic Empire by utilizing his cyborg enhancements to perform crucial battlefield computations. Nonetheless, his path diverged, and he eventually teamed up with the smuggler Lando Calrissian aboard the Millennium Falcon, engaging in a variety of endeavors. In the course of a particular mission, which involved the theft of the Emperor’s personal yacht, Lobot suffered severe injuries inflicted by an Imperial Guard. These injuries left Lobot in a critical condition, causing him to lose control of his own consciousness as his cybernetic enhancements took control, leaving him as a shell of who he was. 

Yellow and Magenta Layers printed of the CMYK print

This print will be completed by October 30th, 2023 at the latest. When its completed an Image of the finished print will appear on my portfolio page linked here!

All art will be in an edition of 38 and freely shared with participants of the exchange!

Cookies and water are essential for printmaking!

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  1. I never knew the tragic backstory of Lobot. Now they have to include a young Lobot in the next Lando movie! Really love how this print is turning out and I’m excited to see the completed print.

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